Emmy Award winner Gina Rubinstein is the president of Jazz Cat Productions, Inc.  



2004 – 2011: Turn “Clean House” from a failed home makeover show into a highly successful brand:

  • Create a unique show with a unique tone that could never be confused with any of the million other home makeover shows.

  • Nominated for four Emmy Awards and won one.

  • Becomes the network’s #1 show for 5 straight years, with all other shows far behind.

  • Turned it into a franchise by creating three successful spin-off series:

  • “Clean House” and its star Niecy Nash were the face of the network for years

  • Big brands gave generous trade-outs to be associated with the “Clean House” brand

  • Thousands of people turned out for the “Messiest Home” garage sales

  • The Style Network was commonly called the “Clean House Network” for years

2004 – 2011:  Create and produce all branded content to fulfill trade-out requirements for all shows in the “Clean House” franchise:

  • 200+ episodes

  • 2 to 5 pieces of branded content per episode

2012:  Create and produce branded content to fulfill trade-out requirements for “RuPaul’s Drag U,

Season 3.”




2006 – 2011: Create and produce all web site videos for all shows in the “Clean House” franchise:

  • 300+ How-To videos

  • 300+ Talent-driven vlogs, BTS tours, etc.


2008 – 2011: Integrate User Generated Content (UGC) into “Clean House: Messiest Home in the Country” and “Clean House: Search for The Messiest Home in the Country.”


2009: Integrate UGC into the format of my pilot “Home Wars.”


2012:  Create and produce web site videos for “RuPaul’s Drag U, Season 3.”




  • Deep understanding of the millennial mindset and the Influencer culture, especially as it pertains to attitudes and values, media consumption, traditional television and Influencer marketing.  


  • Knowledgeable about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, Periscope and the various OTT platforms, especially regarding their individual demographics, crowd cultures, optimal length and types of video, users’ expectations and viewing patterns and best practices for influencer marketing.


  • Video production (including green screen), shooting and editing (Avid, vlogs and simple videos).