An Emmy for "Clean House"
An Emmy for "Clean House"

Gina Rubinstein wins an Emmy for "Clean House."

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With Will Keenan
With Will Keenan

Gina Rubinstein with Will Keenan

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With Vicki Gunvalson
With Vicki Gunvalson

Gina Rubinstein with Vicki Gunvalson

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An Emmy for "Clean House"
An Emmy for "Clean House"

Gina Rubinstein wins an Emmy for "Clean House."

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Gina Rubinstein began her television career 20+ years ago by writing and producing on two classic shows – Allan Funt’s final “Candid Camera” special and the original “Love Connection.” 


Unlike many producers, Rubinstein refused to be pigeon-holed into just one type of show and went on to write, produce and create just about every format of unscripted television imaginable:


          *Talk   *Game   *Documentary   *Competition   *Clip   *Travel  *Court  

          *Aspirational   *Re-enactment   *Hidden Camera   *Social Experiment

          *Docu-soap   *Dating   *Magazine   *Comedy   *Supernatural/Paranormal  

          *Sports   *Makeover/Renovation   *Law Enforcement

She brings what she learned from each of these formats to every show she does.  The result:

           *More original and viable ideas. 

          *More innovative and cost-effective producing. 

          *More creative problem-solving. 

          *Greater ability to target content to a specific demographic. 


Rubinstein is especially knowledgeable about the Millennial and Gen Z mindsets and cultures.


          "I have pored through volumes of raw data about them and one thing

          is clear -- there's no evidence that anyone else has ever analyzed this

         raw data from the perspective of a TV producer creating content for

         those viewers."


Rubinstein has a deep understanding of exactly what it takes to tell a great story – that complex blend of character, desire and obstacles that ultimately drives the viewer to emotionally engage with a show. It's the foundation of every TV concept she creates, every episode she produces, and every minute of footage that ends up on-air.


Everyone’s read Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey by now but Rubinstein actually studied with him at Sarah Lawrence College and put those ideas into practice before the book was even written.


Her vast experience working on all kinds of stories on all types of unscripted TV has given her an enviable record of creating, producing, writing and delivering compelling, irresistible programming no matter what characters (human or not) and situations are thrown her way.  

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What EXACTLY is Rubinstein's "enviable record"?


Here are some numbers from Rubinstein's first Showrunner job as Executive Producer of the comedy home makeover television series “Clean House.” The Style network show, starring Niecy Nash, was produced under Rubinstein's Jazz Cat Productions, Inc. banner.  Here's what happened:

  • Re-designed show after it had been cancelled for poor ratings.

  • Became #1 show on network for 5 years.

  • Was in production 50 weeks/year for over seven years (194 one-hour episodes).

  • Created a behind-the-scenes spin-off show “Clean House Comes Clean” (70 half-hour episodes).

  • Created an annual spin-off special “Clean House: Messiest Home in the Country”

     (5 two-hours).

  • Developed an annual spin-off 6-episode series from "Messiest Home"; “Clean House: Search For The Messiest Home in the Country”  (4 seasons).

  • For several years, the shows in the “Clean House” franchise often accounted for 40% - 60% of the network’s weekly programming.

  • For several years, the shows in the “Clean House” franchise frequently filled all ten spots for the network's top shows of the week.

  • Ran multiple episodes of up to four separate shows at one time.

  • Nominated for four Emmy Awards (2009, 2010).

  • 2010 Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Special Class Special.

To sum up, she has a proven ability to: 

  • Creatively develop a show and then deliver the show promised.

  • Stick to a budget and schedule.

  • Direct and manage talent and "real people."

  • Work well with all departments at the network.

  • Solve problems and put out fires.

  • Lead a large, diverse staff & crew.

  • Perform miracles in the edit bay.

  • Keep smiling 98% of the time.  

Emmy Award-Winning Executive Producer,

Development Executive,

& Millennial/Gen Z Media Consultant

Specializing in Unscripted TV